September 11, 2016

Karate-do is...

  • ...never making excuses.  Good or bad, take responsibility.
  • ...showing up early so you are warm and ready when class starts.
  • ...never missing a class.  Find a way to fit training into your day.
  • ...finding a way to train safely even when injured.
  • your best effort every minute of every class.
  • ...fulfilling your commitments rather than expecting exceptions to be made for you.
  • ...showing consideration for others by keeping the gi clean, keeping finger and toe nails clipped, keeping the dojo tidy, not turning your back or taking your eyes off your opponent, giving your best effort for your opponent, showing appropriate control, being polite, ...
  • mindfully, with attention given to every bow, every move, the placement of each finger and toe, the way you fold your gi, the way you tie your belt, ...
  • ...putting thought and self-training into every lesson given in the dojo before you seek more information.
  • ...patience, diligence, humility, and consistency.
  • ...a commitment that you fulfill.  Not a place to go or a thing to do or a title bestowed. 
  • ...respect for your seniors; tend to them in appreciation for their experience and wisdom.
  • ...respect for your juniors; help guide them in appreciation for their vigorous effort.
  • ...learning something at every opportunity.  Failures, successes, teaching, training, reading, listening, arguing, and at all other times.
Submitted by: Matthew Baran, Sandan